The Cathedral


Christ the King Cathedral JHB
Cathedral of Christ the King Johannesburg

Architects Description

The Cathedral of Christ the King has the traditional plan form of a Latin Cross, a form eminently suited to its site which is long and narrow. The building is 267′ 0″ long and 96′ 0″ wide across the transepts with a ceiling height of 65′ 0″. The main entrance, which is in Saratoga Avenue, is approached by canopied steps through a porch with open grille walls. The facade at this point is 81′ 0″ above pavement level.

Story of the Cathedral of Christ the King

“Later on we might do the beautiful and the grand and then we mean to do it right well”-these words were written sixty-five years ago by the priest, Father Aloysius Schoch O.M.I., who built the Kerk St. Pro-Cathedral to be a future Parish Hall but to serve as a Church until the building of the Cathedral proper. He hoped to realise this plan on the adjoining stands within the decade, but it is only today that the Cathedral of Christ the King has been realised on a completely new site.

About Kerk Street Church

As will be seen from the accompanying photo the Church and Presbytery erected in Kerk Street was quite an ambitious building for the early days of the mining town.The foundation stone was blessed and laid by Bishop Jolivet O.M.I. is this small stone that has been now transferred to the Cathedral and set into the wall at the main entrance in Saratoga Avenue

About the Altar of Africa

It is only the eyes of those who have deep and vivid faith who can read signs in the firmament or on the face of the earth.Indeed, it was the Portuguese and Spaniards with their deep Catholic faith and traditions who gave sacred names to countries, ports, bays, islands and towns at which their ships touched. The world is strewn with such beautiful names: San Salvador, S. Crux, Ascension, S. Maria, Rosario, San Pedro, S. Paulo, S. Domingo, S. Ignacio and the rest, a whole calendar of saints’ names can be found in any good geographical index

About the Organ of Christ the King

The specification of the new organ of the Cathedral of Christ the King, has been drawn up by the present writer in consultation with the representatives of the firm of Cooper, Gill and Tomkins, Johannesburg, who have been awarded the contract to build the instrument. Incorporated in the new organ is the instrument formerly in the Pro-Cathedral of The Immaculate Conception, Kerk Street

Stained glass windows of the Cathedral of Christ the King

Entering the Cathedral the beautiful stained glass windows throw a wonderful medley of colours on the marble aisles and benches. Far above our heads at intervals may be seen the symbol windows to right and left. Those opposite each other have the same general theme. The first to the left over the Organ Gallery shows a net and fish. The fisherman’s net is a symbol of the Church