Our Vision and Mission


We are an Eucharistic community comprised of the children of God, incorporated into the Body of Christ through Baptism, who worship the Father in Spirit and truth and who are actively serving humanity in view of fostering the Reign of God.

As thriving diocese; comprising a sufficient number of accessible, self-reliant, interacting, interdependent, growing parishes; where priests, deacons, religious and an increasing cadre of lay leaders collaborate; to evangelize, deepen the faith, enhance the communion, and satisfy the spiritual needs of, multi-ethnic, multi cultural, multi-lingual Catholic congregations; who reach out as individuals and a Church to make a societal impact, and to provide moral leadership, consistent with the teachings of Christ and the Church; with particular emphasis on youth and the family, and the poor and the marginalised.


The Catholic Archdiocese of Johannesburg comprises 160 priests and 40 deacons, who provide pastoral ministry and leadership to a very diverse congregation of at least 1m lay Catholics, who adhere to the tenets of their faith to various degrees in 120 very differently resourced parishes and 50 schools predominantly in the Gauteng province.

In accordance with the Magisterium, we the Church seek to evangelize ourselves and respond to spiritual and human needs – through catechetics, contextual mission, education, pastoral work, the sacraments, lay movements and the nurturing of Parish communities – while providing moral guidance in a predominantly secular, increasingly youthful society, experiencing the challenges of dramatic societal change.